FireLimo Heat Racing FireLimo Heat Racing
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Cockpit view
Cockpit View

Air Born limo
Catching Air

Comparison to Pacecar length
Comparison View

Tire Size View
Frame Bottom Details

Smoking the track up
Testing Edition #2

FireLimo Heat Racing
by RacelineCentral.com
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This is a freehand digital image created in Photoshop that started it all.

My original created 2D art
The Original Idea for the Concept
1st beta sim car
1st Edition
Thumbnail of a race with a 2nd version prototype car in the crowd.
2nd Edition
Beta 3 Limo model
3rd Edition
 Road Course Limo Starting Race Limo - click for large view 
4th Edition & Final Version 


helmit Our installer and uninstaller practice:
We try to make them compatible with everyone. Another one of our traits is that we try not to add anymore garbage to your systems. This we mean, is by not using installers that never uninstall everything completely. We try to prevent left over information or similar type collective information in your registry after uninstalling our mods.

To Install FireLimo Heat:
check Download files.
check View the README1st.txt
check Execute file to install, per instructions.
check Make sure your Nascar Heat executable files name is NHeat.exe
check Double check your game settings.
check When you race, be sure that setups get installed.
Enter the garage and the enter setups so they engage.
Only needs to be one time at each track.

Shortcut Properties
TARGET="C:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\NASCAR Heat\NHeat.exe" -mod:firelimo -noautoplay
START IN="C:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\NASCAR Heat"

red check We also emphasize that you recheck your game options when you start any 3rd party mods or add-ons. This reassures that your settings remain as your settings.

Problems Starting the Mod:?
Yellow check Make sure your NASCAR Heat executable files name is NHeat.exe
Yellow check Check Options.cfg file for any strange entries.
Yellow check Make sure the Shortcuts and their properties are set as shown above.
Yellow check Did you install Our No-CD fix? You need to.
Yellow check Make sure your game is Officially patched to at least 1.72e available here
yellow Be sure to add name and car numbers in Drivers.txt when adding persona
red check To remove our mod and the installed folders... Just simply delete them.
LimoHeat Download 
 *PLEASE NOTE ON TRACK SETUPS: The Installed Setups I included in the Mod have a slightly heavy tail when exiting turns. This may be too loose for you and to correct this problem, just push weight forward with the Front Weight adjustment in the games garage. This is just a quick fix and You may of course try other adjustments as you see fit. This Mod's Physics are very close to the Games original Cup cars for Physics setups. This allows you to copy your Cup setups into this Mod and run with minor changes. The slight change only compensates for the oversized rear wheels on the Limo.
Download FIRELIMO HEAT Complete Mod Add-On  Download Firelimo Heat 
Download Car Template for Personal Painting Style Use Download Firelimo Heat
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Merceded 500sec Limo
Urban Land Speed Record
391mph in 1800 feet

57 Chevy Limo
1957 Chevy Limo

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Real Life Racing Limo
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